Why are graphics not appearing on some websites?

When using Web Filter to block categories, and also using the Pass Sites list to pass some websites, these passed websites may load without graphics. That is because these sites are loading graphics from another domain but without using a referrer. This graphics site will usually categorize in the same category as the site which it contains graphics for. In most cases, this is never a problem as most sites will use referrers. In Web Filter > Advanced, you can see an option for "Pass if referrer matches any Pass Site". However, when sites do not use referrers, problems can arise.

A good example of this is Pinterest. Pinterest.com is categorized under Social Networking and you can pass via Pass Sites, even when blocking the Social Networking category. However, pinterest.com loads images from pinimg.com, which is categorized under Content Delivery Networks. Since it is accessed without a referrer, content from this site might be blocked by the category block for Content Delivery Networks. The only resolution to this problem is to create a Pass Site entry for *pinimg.com*.

You can see this traffic in Reports at Reports > Web Filter > All Web Events. Look for the session to the site you loaded without graphics and look for other sites associated with the session that are blocked by a category block. Pass this blocked site to have graphics load properly.

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