What is Zero Touch Provisioning?


Zero Touch Provisioning is a process that enables you to remotely configure new Untangle NG Firewall or SD-WAN Router hardware appliances using Command Center. Zero Touch Provisioning reduces the complexity of deployment by eliminating the need to configure the appliance from the local network.


  • Zero Touch Provisioning is supported on official Untangle hardware appliances running version 14.1 and above.
  • Your Internet connection must support automatic IP assignment. Connections using PPPoE or requiring manual IP configuration cannot provision using Zero Touch Provisioning.

How it works

The process for Zero Touch Provisioning follows:

  1. Once you receive the appliance, mount the device and attach any physical components as described in the Setup Guide.
  2. Take note of the serial number located on the side or bottom of the device.
  3. Connect the ethernet cable from your Internet router or modem to the External port of your Untangle appliance.
  4. Connect the power and turn on the device.
  5. Wait a few minutes for the system to boot, then Add the appliance to Command Center using the serial number.

After you add the appliance, you can assign Configuration Templates or remotely access the administration interface. If you do not want to manage your appliance from Command Center, you can disconnect the appliance.

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