Managing endpoints via Malwarebytes integration


Untangle integrates with the Malwarebytes Cloud Platform to extend the host management capabilities in Command Center. In the Hosts screen in Command Center you can see additional information about each host and perform specific actions.

Connecting your Malwarebytes account

To use Malwarebytes integration, you must connect your Command Center account to your Malwarebytes account. 

  1. Log in to Command Center.
  2. Go to Account -> My Account.
  3. Click Settings -> Malwarebytes
  4. Enter your Malwarebytes account information.
  5. Click Save.


Managing endpoints

After you connect your Malwarebytes account, you can manage endpoints from the Hosts screen. With an appliance selected, review the Hosts table. Hosts which have Malwarebytes endpoint security software installed display the Malwarebytes logo.


Endpoint Security details

With a Malwarebytes host selected, click Endpoint Security to view details including recent scan results, scanning engine version, and host operating system.

You can click Go to my Malwarebytes Console to launch the Malwarebytes Cloud Portal in a new window.



If the Malwarebytes scanning engine detects a threat, the affected host appears in red in the hosts table and a Threats view appears beneath the Host Details panel.

Click Threats to view details of the detection. Details include:

Name Name of the detected threat
Status Status of the detected threat
Category Category of the detected threat
Location File system location of the detected threat
Date Date the threat was detected


Installed Software

You can view software installed on the host system by clicking Installed Software. The Host Detail table shows the Name, Version, Date Installed, and Vendor for each application.


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