Untangle Command Center Release History

August 2021

Centrally Managed VPN

Added the ability to enable automatic WireGuard VPN provisioning for appliances in a Software-defined network.

March 2021

Untangle Go mobile app for Android and iOS based devices

Extended appliance wizard to optionally assign configuration templates and subscriptions when adding an appliance and to configure the hostname and appliance label.

January 2021

New Command Center user interface

September 2020

Added single sign-on using Microsoft or Google accounts.

July 2020

Added Bitdefender GravityZone integration to improve management of endpoint devices. See Managing endpoints via Bitdefender GravityZone.

Added SD-WAN Networks to manage groups of NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router appliances. See Managing SD-WAN Networks in Command Center.

Added WAN Rules to SD-WAN Networks to enable synchronization of a common set of WAN routing rules and policies. See Configuring WAN Rules for SD-WAN Router in Command Center.

May 2020

Added SD-WAN Router configuration backup option to Command Center.

Added Dark Theme.

April 2020

Added 'remember me' option to two factor authentication.

March 2020

Added integration with Webroot Secure Anywhere endpoint management.

February 2020

Added Link performance widget in the appliance dashboard to show WAN link performance for each specific SD-WAN Router appliance within an account.

November 2019

Added option to upgrade SD-WAN Router appliances from Command Center.

September 2019

Added Network performance dashboard widget to show average and aggregated WAN usage of all SD-WAN Router deployments within an account.

Added ability to add SD-WAN Router appliances to Command Center.

August 2019

Added Blocked Intrusions dashboard widget to report consolidated IPS events from all appliances. 

July 2019

Added Download page in Command Center.

Added appliance tag to alert emails to make it easier to identify the affected appliance.

May 2019

Redesigned several success messages as toast notifications to reduce interruption.

Redesigned the login page with split screen view to promote interesting activities such as upcoming webinars or Untangle events. 

Added support for zSeries appliances.

April 2019

Improved the subscription upgrade wizard to support coupons and to show more detail and a breakdown of the costs.

Redesigned buttons to make it easier to identify actions.

March 2019

Scheduled reboot of an appliance.

Added support for Untangle SD-WAN Router. You can add an Untangle SD-WAN Router by UID and perform remote access. See Adding Untangle SD-WAN Router to Command Center.

February 2019

Create an alert rule from an event. See Creating an alert rule from an event.

Customize order and display of widgets in the appliance dashboard.

Appliances screen redesign, enabling sorting, searching, and easier selection of appliances in the appliance navigation panel.

Appliances map on Command Center dashboard is interactive, enabling you to open the appliance dashboard by clicking the marker on the map.

January 2019

Applications tab in hosts details view

View Internet applications used by a selected host. See Managing hosts in Command Center for details.

Default notification profile

Command Center accounts get a default notification profile to receive notifications and alerts. See Managing notification profiles for details.

Default alert rules

Command Center accounts get a set of default alert rules. See Managing alert rules for details. 

December 2018

Customization of dashboard widgets

You can choose which widgets to display on the Command Center dashboard. The set of enabled widgets is controlled in your account preferences. See Enabling and disabling dashboard widgets for details.

Appliance map enhancements

The appliance map uses Google maps and automatically zooms to geographic level that shows all appliances. 

Event logs moved to alerts screen

The audit history, alerts received, and notification log moved from Reports to Alerts.

Host management via Malwarebytes integration

You can manage endpoints by viewing installed software, OS details, antivirus version, or schedule a security scan. See Managing endpoints via Malwarebytes integration for details.

Edit appliance location

You can change the location of an appliance. See Assigning a location to appliances in Command Center for details. 

November 2018

Hosts view

You can see all active network hosts for one or more appliances. See Managing hosts in Command Center for details. 

Unrestricted Remote Access

The remote access feature is free for all Untangle deployments without limitations or restrictions on licensing.

Zero Touch Provisioning

Add Untangle hardware appliances to Command Center by serial number without connecting to the device from the local network. See What is zero touch provisioning for details. 

October 2018

Set a default organization

Users that belong to multiple accounts can set a default organization when logging in to Command Center.

September 2018

Shared account access to billing and subscriptions

You can share the billing and subscription management of your account to other Command Center users. See Adding users to your Command Center account for details.

July 2018

Appliance configuration synchronization

Apply a common configuration to multiple appliances and keep them in sync. See Assigning or synchronizing a common configuration to appliances for details.

June 2018

User feedback system

You can provide feedback through Command Center to request new features or vote on existing requests.

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