Tag Based on Traffic

We can use tags to direct traffic through policies, block/allow content, and more. Devices can be manually tagged, but some situations may require you to tag the traffic itself instead of the host devices. For example you may only want to bypass a user when they are using a specific application or certain websites.


In these cases you can tag traffic based on many different conditions from the Config > Events > Triggers Tab. 


Create a new trigger for the event you want to tag. 

IMPORTANT: Tag Lifetime - Keep this setting low if you only want the host filtered during the use of the tag event. For example, you want the Netflix app bypassed, but not other traffic from the device, you want it to keep checking for that event to create a new tag and not bypass normal traffic.

Example: Application Control Event for Netflix App



Once the tag is set, you are able to filter the traffic however is needed for your circumstances (bypass rules, firewall rules, different policies, TunnelVPN route rules, etc.).


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