Configuring WAN Rules in Untangle SD-WAN Router


WAN Rules establish the conditions for applying a specific WAN Policy. By associating a WAN Rule to a WAN Policy, you are defining the optimal route for traffic that meets the rule condition.

Alternatively, you can configure a common set of WAN Rules that you can synchronize to multiple SD-WAN Router appliances. See Configuring WAN Rules for SD-WAN Router in Command Center

Common rule conditions include:

  • An application
  • An application category
  • An IP address or subnet
  • A hostname (DNS hint)
  • A protocol or port number
  • An interface

For a complete description of Rule Syntax and Conditions refer to Conditions Syntax in Untangle SD-WAN Router rules.

For example, a WAN Rule may specify that for the Skype application, use the WAN Policy that sends sessions to the link with the lowest latency.


Creating a WAN Rule

To create a WAN Rule:

  1. Go to Settings -> Routing -> WAN Rules and click New Rule.
  2. Enter a description (e.g. messaging apps).
  3. Under Add Condition, select a condition type (e.g. Application Category).
  4. Specify an Operator (e.g. Is [==]).
  5. Enter a Value (e.g. Messaging).
  6. Click Add Condition.
    Note: you can add multiple conditions to the rule.
  7. Under Apply the following action, choose WAN Policy.
  8. Click Create Rule.
  9. After creating the new rule, click Save to confirm your changes.

Sorting WAN Rules

WAN rules operate just like regular rules as described in the Rules documentation. This means that rules are evaluated from top to bottom, and the first rule that successfully meets the condition is processed.

Note: If the path defined by the WAN Policy is not available and cannot be used, the rule is skipped and subsequent rules are evaluated.

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