Upgrading your Untangle SD-WAN Router

Untangle SD-WAN Router is upgraded manually from the administrative interface. Automatic upgrades will be possible after the beta period.

Note: During the beta period, the Untangle SD-WAN Router can be evaluated on one of our supported beta deployment options. The beta release is available for Oracle VirtualBox, VMware ESXi or the Linksys WRT-1900ACS. More deployment options will be made available in the future, and Untangle will additionally make available pre-installed, pre-configured appliances.

Follow the steps below to upgrade your existing Untangle SD-WAN Router deployment.

1. Download the upgrade file for your appliance from the table below

Deployment Type

File Information


Oracle VirtualBox

Version: Beta 1 build 214

File size: 30.4 MB

MD5: e274dd2272a1eb720aa1480e8ceca183

VMware ESXi

Version: Beta 1 build 214

File size: 29.1 MB

MD5: b0d3a952d42928ad5a2eaccb74609fe1

Linksys WRT-1900ACS  

Version: Beta 1 build 214

File size: 23.9 MB

MD5: 2c6e85c3f68c64bbe843dc354c9ba103


2. In the administration interface, go to Settings-> System -> Upgrade.

3. Click the Browse button.

4. Select the upgrade file that you downloaded from the table above.

5. Click the Upgrade button.

6. Wait approximately one minute for the upgrade to finish.

When the upgrade is complete, Untangle SD-WAN redirects you to the login screen.

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