Untangle NG Firewall 14.2 Web Filter categorization engine upgrade FAQ


Untangle NG Firewall version 14.2 and above implements URL categorization powered by Webroot Brightcloud®. This replaces the same functionality provided by Zvelo in prior versions. You can find answers to common questions related to the upgrade in this article.

Q. Why is Untangle making this change?

A. Untangle has partnerships and relationships with many vendors that provide OEM technology and we make it our business to stay abreast of the latest industry innovation, changes and cyber security trends. As a result, we have made changes in the past to the commercial engines that are used in our paid apps, and will continue to do so to stay current with what we believe are the best technologies available.

Q. What happens if I don't upgrade?

A. You can continue using Zvelo URL categorization in versions prior to 14.2 through October 30, 2019. After this date, you must upgrade to version 14.2 or above to continue using the URL categorization feature.

Q. Are there any changes in functionality?

A. The URL categorization in version 14.2 and above uses a different set of categories. During the upgrade, NG Firewall automatically maps the Zvelo categories to the Webroot Brightcloud® categories. Otherwise there is no change in the URL categorization functionality.

Q. How does NG Firewall map categories from Zvelo to Webroot Brightcloud®?

A. You can find the category mapping here or at the bottom of this article.

Q. How does Webroot Brightcloud® URL categorization work?

A. Webroot Brightcloud® uses secure HTTP in its query request. The Webroot Brightcloud® servers are hosted in AWS in a variety of regions including North America, Europe, and Asia.

Q. Is there any change to pricing or licensing?

A. There are no changes to pricing or licensing as part of the version 14.2 upgrade. For example, URL categorization in Web Monitor remains free and Web Filter is included with the Home Pro package. 

Q. Where can I test the URL categorization and can I suggest a different category?

A. You can test URL lookups as an administrator of NG Firewall in the Site Lookup tab of Web Filter. If you are not an administrator, you can test lookups and suggest alternatives directly on the Webroot Brightcloud® lookup site

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