Configuring the Untangle SD-WAN Router setup wizard


Untangle SD-WAN Router includes a setup wizard to guide you through the initial configuration. To access the setup wizard, connect your management computer to one of the LAN ports of your Untangle SD-WAN Router and go to in your browser. If your Untangle SD-WAN Router has wireless capability, you can connect to the default wireless network named Untangle using the password 12345678.

Important: Before configuring the setup wizard, make sure the WAN interfaces of your Untangle SD-WAN Router are attached to the Internet.

Once you connect to the web administration, the setup wizard prompts you to complete the following steps:

Step 1. Admin Account

On the Admin account step, configure a strong password and an email address to receive alerts and report summaries.


Step 2. Time Zone

On the Time zone step, set the time zone based on the physical location of your Untangle SD-WAN Router.


Step 3. Interfaces

On the interfaces step, you can reconfigure TCP/IP, WiFi, and other general networking settings.


To edit an Interface, click the edit image4.png icon.


You can configure the following properties:

Interface Name

The Interface label.

Config Type

Addressed, DHCP, Bridged, or Disabled.


Specified if the Interface connects to the Internet.


IPv4 addressing information


IPv6 addressing information

NAT traffic ...

This setting is typically enabled for WAN interfaces and is necessary to facilitate Internet routing for connected devices behind the SD-WAN router.

Wireless interfaces appear in the Interface list as ‘WIFI / wlan’. Edit wireless interfaces to reconfigure your wireless network.

Important: If you are configuring the setup wizard wirelessly using the default network Untangle you need to reconnect to the new wireless network after completing this step.


The wireless configuration options include:

Interface Name The Interface label.
Config Type Addressed, DHCP, Bridged, or Disabled.
Wireless SSID The name of your wireless network that is broadcast to devices
Wireless Encryption None, WAP, WPA, WPA2
Wireless Password The WAP, WPA, or WPA2 password required to join the wireless network
Wireless Mode Client or AP (Access Point)
Wireless Channel The wireless band or channel to use for your wireless network


Step 4. WAN Performance

On the WAN performance step the system automatically tests the performance of each WAN link. You can manually adjust the results by clicking the edit icon image4.png next to the Download and Upload values. Once you confirm the values, click Continue.


Getting Started

Once you have completed all of the steps, you can proceed to the Dashboard to fine tune your configuration and review the status of your Untangle SD-WAN Router.


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