Installing Micro Edge on Linksys WRT devices


Micro Edge builds on Linksys WRT devices are available in beta for home lab environments. Production deployments should use one of our supported platforms; eSeries appliances or VMWare.

Micro Edge on the following Linksys WRT router models:

  • Linksys WRT-1900ACS

Important: The model number must be precise. For example, the WRT1900AC is not the same as the WRT1900ACS.  

Step 1. Download the Micro Edge firmware

Download the latest version of the Micro Edge firmware from the downloads area of your ETM Dashboard account.

Step 2. Flash the device

In the Linksys administration UI click Connectivity.


In Router Firmware Update click Choose File and browse to the Micro Edge firmware image.


After the file uploads successfully, click Start to begin the flashing process. Flashing takes approximately two minutes. Do not turn off or reboot the device during this time.

Step 3. Connect to Micro Edge

After approximately two minutes, the flashing process completes. At that point, renew the IP address of your management computer.

Important: if you are connecting wirelessly, you must reconnect to a new wireless network named ‘Untangle’ with WPA2 password ‘12345678’.

Once you connect to the new network, you can access the setup wizard in your browser by connecting to

Reset to Linksys Firmware

In case you need to revert to the original Linksys firmware, refer to the options below.

Download the Linksys firmware.

Rename it something like firmware.bin to make the following instructions easier.

Option 1 (Intermediate)

  1. Download an SSH program if necessary (ssh for linux, putty/winscp for windows, ssh on mac)
  2. scp the firmware to /tmp on your Micro Edge device.
  3. ssh to your router (as root using the password configured for “admin”)
  4. run: dd if=/tmp/firmware.bin of=/dev/mtdblock4 bs=1M
  5. run: dd if=/tmp/firmware.bin of=/dev/mtdblock6 bs=1M
  6. run: sync
  7. reboot the device

Option 2 (Advanced)

If you have a USB tty connected, you can do so with uBoot and TFTP via some simple commands. This requires cracking open the case and connecting your USB serial adapter to access uboot. Then connect a LAN port to the TFTP server (or the network with the TFTP server) Assuming the TFTP server is at, do the following:

setenv ipaddr
setenv serverip
setenv firmwareName firmware.bin
run update_both_images
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