Adding VPN tunnels in Untangle SD-WAN Router

Untangle SD-WAN router uses OpenVPN to route traffic to remote networks. This enables devices behind Untangle SD-WAN router to access remote resources using the VPN tunnel or to access the Internet using the VPN tunnel.

To create a new VPN tunnel:

  1. Click Add in the Interfaces screen.
  2. Set an Interface Name to help you identify this VPN tunnel interface.
  3. In Bound to, select any WAN to let Untangle SD-WAN router choose the best path or specify a persistent WAN interface.
  4. If the configuration uses Full tunnel VPN, enable Is WAN.
  5. Click the Config File tab.
  6. Click Browse… to upload the OpenVPN configuration file that you obtain from your OpenVPN server.
  7. If your OpenVPN server requires authentication, click the Authentication tab to enable authentication and enter your credentials.
  8. If you want to apply Shaping rules to the tunnel, enable QoS from the QoS tab.
  9. Click Create to add the VPN tunnel interface.


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