Managing SD-WAN Networks in Command Center


Command Center enables you to group Untangle NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router appliances into a network. By grouping appliances you can obtain information specific to the collection of appliances in the Network. You can also apply a common set of WAN Routing Rules to all SD-WAN Router appliances that belong to the same Network.

Note: NG Firewall appliances require a complete subscription to add to a network.

Creating an SD-WAN Network

To create a Network:

  1. Click the SD-WAN tab. The SD-WAN screen shows a list of your Networks.
  2. Click Create Network.
  3. Select the Untangle NG Firewall and SD-WAN Router appliances to add to your Network.
  4. Click Next to review the summary of your Network.
  5. Click Create.


Managing appliances in your Network

Your Networks appear in the Networks panel of the SD-WAN screen. Select a Network to manage its associated appliances.

Appliances widget

The Appliances widget shows the status, software version, location, IP address, and other relevant details of each appliance in your Network. You can add or remove appliances from your Network using the Add Appliance and Remove Appliance buttons at the bottom of the widget.


To locate an appliance in the list, use the filter options available by clicking the three horizontal lines in any column header. managing_networks_3.png

The grid menu provides additional options including sorting and choosing columns to show or hide appliance properties.


Map widget

The Network Map widget displays the physical location of each appliance in your network. Hover over a marker to view additional details about the appliance, or click the marker to open the appliance dashboard.


Network Performance widget

The Network Performance widget displays the average jitter, latency, and packet loss across all SD-WAN Router appliances in your Network. Click on any of the performance metrics in the legend to show or hide its view in the line chart.


Configuration widget

The Configuration widget establishes a common WAN Routing strategy for all SD-WAN Router appliances in your Network. For more information see Configuring WAN Rules for SD-WAN Router in Command Center.


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