Viewing Reports in Web Application Firewall


Reports provide information about attacks & intrusion attempts blocked by Web Application Firewall. 

Traffic by Country

This Report displays a color-graded map that indicates where attacks originate. The legend in the bottom left-hand corner identifies each color's significance.


All Requests vs. Blocked Requests

This Report is a summary page, displaying the overall number of requests seen by Web Application Firewall as well as the number of requests it blocked. You can click on each type's name below the graph to hide or reveal that type.

Requests by… Types

Each of these Reports displays summary information about requests that were blocked, broken down by the type of request. Every Report will display a pie chart showing the breakdown of requests as well as a "more information" pane. This pane provides a count of each type of request.

HTTP Method The method used to make the request: GET, POST, &c.
URI The URI requested by the source.
Remote Address The external/WAN IP address the request originated from.
HTTP Status Code The HTTP status code returned by the server in response to the request.


Access Logs

This log provides granular details about each web request sent to the server: the URI requested, the HTTP status code returned by the server, and the originating IP address.

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