Deploying Web Application Firewall via ISO


Web Application Firewall (WAF) can be deployed directly on your hardware platform via the ISO image. This method replaces any existing operating system, installs a Debian base, and creates a standalone appliance. 

Deployment Process

  1. Download the ISO from ETM Dashboard.
  2. Create a bootable USB drive to host the ISO: see Creating A Bootable USB Installer For Edge Threat Management Products
  3. Insert the USB drive into your appliance and power the appliance on. You may need to edit your appliance's BIOS settings to ensure that it boots from the USB drive and not its own internal hard drive.
  4. Choose Graphical Install.
  5. When prompted to choose a password for the root account, assign a secure password.
  6. You will also be prompted to create a non-root user account. This is mandatory. The username cannot be root or admin.
  7. You will be prompted to partition disks. Select Yes and click Continue to proceed with the installation.
  8. Once the installation is complete, you will be presented with the WAF command line and prompted to log in. Enter the credentials you assigned for the root account.
  9. Run this command and acquire the device's IP address: ip addr. The address will be listed for interface 2:

Once you have the WAF's IP address, refer to Setting Up Web Application Firewall to begin configuring it.

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