Upgrading Web Application Firewall to the latest version


The method for upgrading Web Application Firewall depends on the deployment type. Instructions for each type are outlined below.

Upgrading ISO deployments

By default Web Application Firewall upgrades to the latest version automatically based on a schedule. You can manage the upgrade schedule for ISO deployments in ETM Dashboard. 

Upgrading Docker deployments

Upgrading Web Application Firewall in Docker is a manual process that involves redeploying the container.

Step 1 - Pull the latest container version

sudo docker pull untangleinc/untangle-waf

Step 2 - Stop the running container

sudo docker stop untangle-waf

Step 3 - Start the container

sudo docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 -v conf:/usr/share/untangle --restart always --name "untangle-waf" untangleinc/untangle-waf

For more details and syntax related to managing the WAF Docker container see Deploying Web Application Firewall in Docker.

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